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Ultimate Lisbon travel tips, everything you need to know before you go


Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. Its colorful history and vibrant culture make it a charming destination any time of the year. Are you considering planning a trip? Keep reading to find your ultimate Lisbon travel tips covering:

  • Why you should go
  • When to go & how long to stay
  • Languages spoken/helpful phrases
  • Currency & methods of payment
  • Top things to do
  • Safety

This post is all about Lisbon travel tips and everything you need to know before planning a trip there.

Why go to Lisbon?

Lisbon’s charm is unmatched. With beautiful weather year-round, amazing shopping, a hot gastronomic scene, breathtaking beaches nearby, and a rich history – this is a city getaway you don’t want to miss. Lisbon is also considered one of the most hospitable cities in Europe. With a welcoming culture and friendly locals, it’s hard not to want to experience this for yourself.

Best time of year to travel:

Lisbon is famous for its fabulous weather. Having almost 300 days a year full of sunshine, it is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. Because of this, there’s really no bad time to visit. However, considering the increased costs and high volumes of tourists in the summer months, a pro Lisbon Travel Tip would be to visit in the shoulder seasons. During the shoulder seasons, the weather is milder and the crowds have dwindled.

  • High Season (Summer – Early Fall): June – September
  • Low Season (Winter – Early Spring): December – April
  • Shoulder Season (recommended time to visit): Late April, May, September, & October

How much time should I spend there?

Hitting the major sites in Lisbon will take about 3 days. You could always spend more or less time there, but my ideal recommendation would be 3 full days to get the most out of your experience!

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Language & Helpful Phrases

The official language in Portugal is Portuguese, but you will find most locals also speak Spanish, English, and French. Here are some helpful phrases you’ll want to know to help you along the way!

Hi/Hello: Oi/Olá Good morning: Bom dia
Please: Por favorGood afternoon: Boa tarde
Thank you: Obrigada/o (feminine/masculine)Good night: Boa noite
You’re welcome: De nadaNice to meet you: Prazer
Yes/no: Sim/não Excuse me: Com licença
Phrases that will help you get around Lisbon.

Currency & Payment Methods

The official currency in Portugal is the euro. You’ll find that most shops and restaurants take credit cards, so you’ll really only need cash for tips.

Getting around (transportation):

Getting around Lisbon is extremely easy since it is a very walkable city. Although it IS quite hilly and those hills can take some serious willpower to climb, you don’t have to worry. Lisbon’s robust and intuitive public transportation consists of buses, trams, elevators, and a metro that will get you where you need to go at an extremely affordable cost. There are also electric bikes and scooters available to rent via app all over the city.

My favorite way to get around Lisbon was either Uber or Bolt (Uber equivalent) for places that were not within walking distance from our hotel. Uber rides around the city are incredibly cheap (only 2 – 5 euros for most places!) This was convenient for making sure we would catch dinner reservations on time and that I would not get lost on public transit (my unfortunate superpower).

Tours & Things to Do:

Lisbon Travel Tips
Riding around on a tuktuk tour!

There are so many amazing things to do in and around Lisbon. Check out the Ultimate Lisbon bucket list – all the things you need to do and see to see a full list of all the awesome experiences to enjoy while you are in Lisbon. The activities in Lisbon are ideal for solo travel, family fun, adventurers budget travelers, history buffs, shoppers, and food enthusiasts alike with it’s wide breadth of activities to enjoy.

Lisbon Pass:

The Lisbon Card is your gateway to enjoying all the city has to offer. This pass can be purchased for 24 to 72 hours and includes free unlimited travel on all public transportation for the duration of the pass. This also includes transport to Sintra, Cascais, and the south margin of the Tagus river. On top of the awesome transportation benefits, you also get amazing discounts around the city, free entrance to select museums and exhibits, and a guide to the city!

Sintra and Cascais:

Sintra is a nearby town that makes the perfect day trip from Lisbon. Home to fairy-tale like castles, palaces, mansions, gardens, and more – exploring Sintra will definitely be a highlight of your time in Lisbon. The lush scenery and serene atmosphere is perfect for photography and a relaxing break from the city. Cascais is another amazing day trip option for beach lovers and surfers.

Restaurants & Dining:

The dining options in Lisbon (especially for seafood lovers) are exceptional. Wondering what and where to eat? A personal favorite of mine was dining in the lively Time Out Market. Here you’ll find a collection of the best restaurants, bars, and eateries in Lisbon all under one roof. The port wine was flowing and the mouthwatering food did not disappoint!


Lisbon is hands-down one of the safest destinations I have been to on my travels across 21 countries. Dare I say it’s safer than my hometown! This is an amazing destination for solo travelers, couples, and families!

These Lisbon Travel Tips will help make planning your trip a breeze!

Let us know how they help in the comments!


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