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27 Interesting Things to Do On A Plane


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We’ve all been there – from the long waits in airports to the dreaded boredom of being stuck on a plane for hours with nothing to do. But there’s no need to panic – whether you have wifi or not, here are 27 things to do on a plane that will help keep your mind and body occupied during your travels! #8 might surprise you!

As much as I love to travel – I don’t love necessarily love flying. I’m extremely claustrophobic. So being in an enclosed space with 200+ people for 10+ hours can be pretty taxing physically and mentally. But over time I’ve found that doing these things have helped keep my mind at ease and help the time fly by.

From seated yoga or guided meditation to binging your favorite TV show, there’s something to suit everyone. So, get ready to board your plane and read on for some interesting things to do on a plane without wifi.

Productive Things to Do on a Plane

1. Clean out your phone

One of the best things to do on a plane, especially if you don’t have access to wifi, is to clean out your phone and devices of old photos and files. Investing some time in deleting or archiving these items can help free up space on your device, but will also give you something productive to do while flying.

2. Clean out your laptop!

Finished cleaning out your phone? Take that time to clean out the photos and files you have stored on your laptop! You’ll have plenty of time to go through your old digital memories and make sure they are organized, deleted, or backed up.

You can also delete any programs that you don’t need anymore, free up space, and make sure your laptop is running quickly. This can help you pass the time while also giving you peace of mind that your files are kept safe and secure. Plus, when you land back, you’ll be ready to tackle your day with a newly optimized computer!

3. Edit the photos and videos from your trip

Editing photos and videos from your trip while on a plane is an ideal way to pass the time without needing wifi. This is the perfect time to look back on all of the memories from your adventure and relive those special moments. You can get creative by putting together sweet montages that you can share on social media and with friends and family upon your return.

4. Plan ahead for your trip

If you’re flying to a destination that you’ve never been to before, then use your flight time as an opportunity to plan ahead and make the most of your trip. If you can get wifi, research places to go in the area on your phone or laptop such as top-notch restaurants, bars, hiking trails, and other fun things worth checking out. When you land you’ll feel prepared to take on your new destination!

5. Learn a language

Learning a new language is an excellent way to pass time on a plane without wifi. Not only is it mentally stimulating and rewarding, it can also open up unique cultural experiences and opportunities when you reach your destination. What’s more, learning a language with no internet connection allows for an immersive experience that doesn’t require the distraction or interruption of the interwebs.

With self-guided language tools, such as books, apps (like Babbel), and audio recordings, you can easily practice vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar while in transit. So why not give it a go? You just never know, landing somewhere with a few phrases under your belt could be a game-changer!

6. Journal about your travels

Journaling on a plane is a great way to capture the sights and sounds of your travels. Not only does journaling provide an opportunity for reflection, but it also provides a way to document your experience to look back on one day.

Whether you’re writing about the different people you meet or the incredible landscapes you witness along the way, journaling is a great way to commemorate your journey and make the most of your flight time. It’s also a great way to entertain yourself during long haul flights and help pass the time faster.

Creative Things to Do on a Plane

7. Color in an adult coloring book

Wondering what to do on a long flight? Try something new by taking an adult coloring book with you on the plane to help the time pass and relax. Not only does it provide a fun, creative outlet, but it can also help reduce stress levels. Plus, it’s something you can do even if your plane doesn’t have wifi or other flight entertainment options.

You don’t need to bring a bunch of fancy art supplies either – just pack some colored pencils and a few coloring books, or even print off some coloring pages from the internet. Coloring can help you focus on the present moment and forget about any worries or anxiety you may have about your flight. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself with some beautiful artwork once you land.

8. Give yourself a gel manicure!

I’m sure you weren’t expecting this on a list of things to do on an airplane. Didn’t have time to refresh your nails before your trip? No problem! Pamper yourself and indulge in a little self-care giving yourself a manicure in flight. How is this possible you ask? Here are some options with everything you need to get the look.

Option 1: Two-Step Gel Polish (no lamp required)

Two-step gel polish does not require a curing lap to get a fabulous manicure. Just take the desired nail color and a top coat along in your personal item. A compact manicure set with a nail file and clippers will help perfect the look.

Option 2: Bring along a mini nail lamp!

Bring along this cute and compact nail lamp and you can paint and cure one nail at a time. This tiny lamp can easily hook up to the USB charging port on the plane or your portable battery pack for a fun way to pass the time while flying.

Now that you know how – go ahead and cross giving yourself a manicure off of your things to do on a long flight bucket list!

9. Get crafty and make something!

Crafting is the perfect way to pass time on an airplane without wifi. Whether you’re a knitting, crochet, or macrame enthusiast, creating something with your hands can help you relax and take your mind off being in the air. Even if you aren’t as crafty, making friendship bracelets is an easy and fun way to spend your time.

Best of all, you can bring along some of the supplies on the plane for a no-fuss craft project that will keep you occupied for hours. There are so many crafty things to do on a plane! Check out this compact beginner-friendly crochet crafting kit you can bring along in your personal item.

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Things to Do on a Plane for Health and Wellness

10. Try seated yoga

Seated yoga is a great way to pass the time on a plane. Whether you have wifi or not, there are plenty of modifications and poses you can do during your flight. This form of exercise allows for some gentle stretching and movement that won’t disturb other passengers—plus, it’s incredibly calming! Some simple exercises include neck and shoulder rolls to help release tension.

11. Try breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are another favorite of my things to do on a plane without wifi. They can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and give you something to focus on during the flight. You can do simple abdominal breathing techniques or practice more complex forms of meditation while mid-air.

Deep breathing is also an excellent way to get your blood flowing, sending oxygen to your brain and muscles. Plus, it’s free and requires no internet connection! You can even close your eyes as you do the exercises to really get into a peaceful state of mind. Doing breathing exercises is one of the best things to do on a plane without wifi.

12. Have a spa day!

This one’s for the self-care enthusiasts. Bring along some of your favorite face masks, toners, serums, and eye masks to give yourself a mini spa day while you travel! You can take advantage of the time you have on the plane and use it as a way to relax and rejuvenate. Not only will this help pass the time, but you can get off of the plane looking and feeling your best. My favorite self-care item to pack is the Malkia Luxe Glow Serum for hydrated and glowing skin all flight long!

13. Do a guided meditation

This is one of my favorite things to do on a plane. Not only can guided meditation help you relax, but it can also keep your mind off of the monotony of flying and make the flight go by so much faster. With guided meditation, you can focus on your breathing, practice mindful relaxation techniques, or simply clear your head from the stress of traveling.

You can also use it as an opportunity to set your intentions for the trip ahead or reflect on recent events in your life. If you need a starting point, guided meditation apps like Calm are a great way to get introduced to guided meditation with beginner-friendly walkthroughs! All you need is a pair of good headphones to start your mental wellness journey.

14. Walk the cabin and stretch

Walking the cabin and stretching is a classic way to pass the time during air travel. Not only will it help you get out of your seat and stretch your legs, but it can also reduce any tension or stress you may be feeling. Taking a few laps around the plane can help get the blood flowing through your veins and the opportunity to refuel before your journey. Also if you suffer from issues like deep vein thrombosis, walking the cabin is a must during longer flights!

15. Catch up on much-needed rest

Taking a nap on the plane is one of the best things you can do to pass the time. Not only will you get some much-needed rest, but it’s also an easy way to catch up on missed sleep. Plus, you won’t have to worry about being bored during the flight since catching up on sleep is an easy and productive way to pass the time. Just set an alarm and rest without any worries.

Bring along some earplugs and a satin or silk eye mask to help make your sleep even more restful. So next time you’re on a plane, try taking a nap – it may just be the best decision you make all day!

16. Write in a gratitude journal

Writing in a gratitude journal is a great way to pass the time on a plane, especially if there’s no wifi. Gratitude journals are a personal practice of jotting down things you feel grateful for in your life. Reflecting on what we’re thankful for can help reduce stress and boost our moods.

On a plane, you can use the time to reflect on the things in your life that bring you joy. You’ll be surprised at how much more relaxed and happy you feel by the end of your flight! Writing in a gratitude journal is simple, easy, and really enjoyable! Mark this down as another thing you can do on a plane without wifi!

17. Stike up a conversation with the person next to you

Another classic on the list of things to do on a long flight includes striking up a conversation with the person next to you. It may feel a little awkward at first, but if you make the effort to get to know your seatmate, it can result in an interesting and entertaining conversation.

You never know who might meet. You may even see this person again at your destination and possibly even become friends. It never hurts to get out of your comfort zone and meet someone new!

Things to Do on a Plane to Keep You Entertained

18. Read a good book

Reading a good book (like Atomic Habits) is an excellent way to pass the time on a plane. Not only does it give you something interesting to focus on during long flights, but it also allows you to immerse yourself in another world and explore different settings, characters, and ideas – all without needing wifi or any other type of connection.

Plus, with so many books available in different genres and styles, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. Reading also gives you something productive to do with your time on a plane – after all, you never know when the knowledge or insights you gain from it will be useful! So don’t forget to bring along a good book the next time you are planning to fly.

19. Catch up on your favorite movies

If you’re looking for something to do on a plane, catching up on the latest movies is a great way to pass the time. With modern in-flight entertainment systems, you can check out all the blockbusters from this year and last — or even delve into some lesser-known gems that you may have missed. Plus, who doesn’t love to watch movies?

Not sure if the entertainment on planes will have the movies you are interested in ready to go? No problem! Be sure to download what you can from your favorite streaming services to watch later from you mobile devices on the plane.

20. Listen to that album you’ve been meaning to

Haven’t listened to the new Beyoncé album yet? Well here is your chance!

Listening to music albums on a plane is a great way to pass the time and enjoy your journey. Not only can you explore new sounds and genres, but it’s also an opportunity to finally get around to listening to those albums that have been sitting in your library for ages and you’ve been meaning to check out.

Listening to an entire album from start to finish can help you really appreciate the artist’s work and understand the story they’re trying to tell. Plus, there are no distractions so you can lose yourself in the music without having anything else vying for your attention. So next time you’re on a plane, why not take the opportunity to get lost in an album? It’s one of the amazing things to do on a plane without wifi.

21. Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Listening to a podcast or audiobook is another excellent way to pass the time on a plane ride. Not only can you stay entertained and informed, but it’s also great for learning new things or just zoning out during your flight.

You can find podcasts on virtually any topic – from pop culture to news, sports, and more – and audiobooks come in all different genres, so you’re sure to find something that fits your interests. Plus, it takes up no physical space in your luggage or carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about lugging extra books around with you.

If you have a library card, download Libby – an app that allows you to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your local library to start indulging in one of the best things to do on a plane without wifi.

22. Write a story

Writing a fun story in a guided journal can be a great way to pass the time during a plane ride. A guided journal makes it easier to take your ideas and turn them into an entertaining narrative. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed by looking at an empty page; instead, the prompts in the journal will give you ideas about what to write about.

23. Binge watch the latest TV shows

Another classic on the list of things to do on a plane includes binge watching the latest TV shows! Not only will it give you something to do during your flight, but it can also help pass the time quickly. Plus, by the end of the flight you’ll be up-to-date with all the latest shows to talk about with friends and family.

24. Brain teaser games

Playing brain teaser games can be a great way to pass the time and keep your mind sharp during long flights. Things like Rubik’s Cubes and Sudoku puzzles can all help you stay focused and entertained for hours. Not only do these activities help you focus, but they’re also fun.

It’s always satisfying to play games or finish a puzzle or problem and celebrate your accomplishment! Furthermore, they can help you de-stress by giving you something else to think about during the flight. So don’t forget to pack your favorite brain teaser games on your next flight; you won’t regret it!

25. Play some cards

Playing card games on a plane is an excellent way to pass the time. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they can also help you build up your concentration skills and strategy. Plus, it’s always nice to challenge yourself or have a friendly competition with other passengers. With so many different card games available, there’s something for everyone.

One of my personal favorite card games is Monopoly Deal! It’s one of my top things to do on a plane without wifi.

Play Monopoly Deal on a flight way to Paris

26. Play fun mobile games

Downloading fun mobile games to your phone is a great way to pass the time during a plane ride. Playing games on your phone can help you stay entertained. Whether you’re into puzzle games, racing games, or even trivia games, there is something for everyone.

Plus, playing mobile games on your phone means that you don’t have to worry about packing any extra equipment. Just be sure to download them before you board the plane. With so many different game types (even classic board games!) available, it’s easy to find something you enjoy!

27. Bring your favorite portable console

Bringing your favorite portable console on a plane is an excellent way to pass the time. Mobile consoles like the Nintendo Switch are lightweight and easily fit in a carry-on bag. Whether you’re looking for something fun and adventurous like Pokemon or something more intense like Super Smash Bros, there are plenty of options.

Of all these unique things to do on a plane, which was your favorite?

That’s 27 Interesting & Creative Things to Do On A Plane!

There are many fun things to do on a plane without wifi that will help pass the time and keep you entertained. You’ll never wonder what to do on a plane ever again! From writing in a guided journal to playing brain teasers, and even pulling off a mid-flight manicure – there are plenty of ways to make your next flight easier and more enjoyable.

So don’t forget to plan ahead and pack some of these ideas in your carry-on bag for your next flight! Enjoy the journey!

How to Prepare for a Flight (Especially Long-Haul Ones)

things to do on a plane

Now you know what to do on long flights, you now need to prepare for the journey. Pack all essentials in your carry-on luggage or personal item for easy access. You’ll want to bring things like your favorite soundproof headphones, device chargers, snacks, and a water bottle.

Make the journey more enjoyable by dressing comfortably in light and breathable clothing. Comfortable travel shoes like lightweight sneakers are also a must for walking around airport terminals and between gates during layovers.

Wondering what essentials you might need? Here are my favorites along with some travel tips.

Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on your flight is essential to arriving to your final destination in good spirits and ready to roll. This option from hydroflask is a personal favorite.

Bring a neck-stabilizing pillow

Nothing is worse than getting to your destination with a stiff and achy neck. Make sure you bring along a neck pillow that helps you sit comfortably and allows your neck to get the proper support it needs. This cool inflatable option is compact, super soft, and provides incredible support.

Compact Blanket

Most airlines provide blankets for long haul flights, but they are not always the most comfortable or warm. Bring along a compact travel blanket to ensure you’re extra cozy on your trip.

Change of clothes

If you aren’t traveling with just a carry-on, you’ll likely have all of your clothes in your checked bag. Be sure to have an extra set of clothes in you carry on just in case there are extreme delays or issues with your luggage.

Toiletry Bag Full of Essentials

An easily accessible toiletry bag in your personal item with essentials like a toothbrush, or deodorant is something you’ll want to have on a long haul flight. These essentials can be crucial for freshening up after many hours of sitting before you deplane.

Entertainment Devices (Kindle, Tablets, Phones, etc.)

Your favorite technology will be your best friend for staying entertained during your flight. Don’t forget to pack these items in your personal item for easy access! A Kindle is a great investment for bookworms trying to save space.

Travel Pill Case with Essentials

These little compact cases have been a life saver for me while traveling. Sleep aids, headache medicine, vitamins, probiotics, stomach aids, nausea medicine, you name it – I’ve packed it!

Earplugs and an Eye Mask

These are essential for a comfortable sleep on a noisy plane. Have these stashed in your personal item for quick and easy access.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Apple AirPods allowed on planes?

Yes, Apple AirPods are allowed on planes. They are Bluetooth devices and are approved for use by Civil Aviation Authority for use one plane.

Do AirPods work on a plane?

Yes, Apple AirPods work on planes and they’re an excellent choice for portable Bluetooth headphones for your travels.


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